Vicenza, town of art..!
Our B&B Regina is about 12 KM from Vicenza, town rich in art...
also, in the vicinity you will find many of the famous "Ville Venete" that surround Vicenza.
We suggest the following link:   ville venete del Palladio

Villa Capra, named "La Rotonda"
In the town of Longare, along the Riviera Berica, less than a half-hour drive from the B&B Regina, you can see the  famous Palladio's Villa La Rotonda, visited by tourists from all over the world.

A copy of La Rotonda is also found in North America, the so called Jefferson's House, the home of President Thomas Jefferson, located in Monticello, Virginia, built in the 18th Century.
The Basilica of Monte Berico
Located above Vicenza, with its grand Piazza that overlooks the town.
The Basilica has always been visited by devoted worshipers who, until the 19th Century, used to go up to the Basilica climbing the steps on their knees.
Palladio Basilica and Piazza dei Signori
Can by found in the historical center of Vicenza.
Like every town in Veneto, there is a Piazza dei Signori (Lords' Square) and a Piazza delle Erbe (Fruit-Vegetable Market Square)
A Basilica and a Square worthwhile seeing!
The Olympic Theater (Teatro Olimpico)
Was created and designed in 1580 by Palladio,  and was later completed by Architect Vincenzo Scamozzi of Vicenza.  The Palladian project reconstructs a Roman Theater with precise archeological details, following an accurate study of Vitrurio, roman architect, and study of the ruins of the antique theaters.


Villa Caldogno

Villa Lampertico
Villa Valmarana (internal detail)
  View from inside a Villa Vicentina

Villa Pojana
Villa Repeta
Villa Trissino
Villa Barbarigo
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